Creator Contest

Introducing Smart Items

December 2-15

Join the Decentraland Creator Contest to design and build cool interactive scenes and share in prizes totalling <b>$50k USD in value</b>

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What is the Creator Contest?

Showcase your amazing creations in Decentraland and get rewarded big time for your efforts.

200,000 MANA
+ LANDs (~10,000 USD)
150,000 MANA
+ LANDs (~7000 USD)
100,000 MANA
+ LANDs (~5,000 USD)
50,000 MANA
+ LANDs (~2000 USD)
25,000 MANA
+ LANDs (~1500 USD)
10,000 MANA
+ LANDs (~1000 USD)
LAND (~400 USD)
Plus 100 MANA
(~3 USD)
per qualifying scene

MANA awards above 50,000 MANA are subject to an irrevocable 6-month vesting schedule.

The Builder

The Builder is Decentraland’s drag-and-drop editor, meaning it's super easy to create virtual worlds. Using the Builder, anyone can produce interactive content to host on LAND and bring the Metaverse to life.

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Introducing Smart Items

Smart Items allow creators to easily add interactive fun to scenes without needing to code. Just drag and drop items and then configure their behavior. You'll find Smart Items in the Item Catalog of Decentraland's Builder. They must be used as part of your creation to qualify for the Contest.

Custom Assets

We recently introduced Custom Asset Packs to Decentraland, meaning you can create and upload your own unique Assets to the Metaverse for truly personalised creations.

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What can I Build?

Ultimately, whatever joyful interactive experience your imagination can conjure. Our recent Game Jam is an excellent place to start for inspiration.

See Game Jam Examples

Meet the Judges

Mi Mundo Alex
Carl Fravel
Decentraland Mentor and Professor at VR Acadamy, Decentraland University
Founder of DCL Plazas

More Info

When does the Contest start?

The creativity kicks off on December 2 and runs until December 15. Winners will be announced two weeks after the end of the event.

Who can participate?

Anyone with an email address and a desire to create amazing interactive content can get involved.

How do I make my creations interactive?

Smart Items are drag and drop objects that allow you to add cool, interactive elements to your creation and personalize them to your liking—without the need for code. Stay tuned for our video tutorials, giving you more insights into the creation process.

Do I need to know how to code?

That's the best thing about the Creator Contest—the ability to code is optional(" The Builder is") Decentraland's drag and drop content creator that allows anyone to create cool interactive content. Smart Items are pre-loaded into the Item Catalog of the Builder for you to add to your scenes. No coding required!