Calling all builders!

Submit your most creative scenes, and earn a share of the purse:

900K+ MANA and 50 LAND (over 50K USD!)

Start building

What is the Creator Contest?

Decentraland is a virtual world built and owned by its users, but there’s still lots of new ground waiting to be filled with your creations.

To cultivate the growth of Decentraland, we’re launching the Creator Contest! Submit your most imaginative and immersive scenes for a chance to win LAND and MANA.

About The Builder

Decentraland’s easy-to-use editor

The Builder is Decentraland’s first drag-and-drop editor! Based on our powerful SDK, the Builder allows anyone to compose immersive, static scenes to host on LAND.

Choose from hundreds of pre-built assets

Browse through a wide range of ready-to-use 3D models. Whether you’re crafting a cityscape or natural oasis, you’ll find what you need in the selection of buildings, cars, items, trees, rocks, water features, and more.

Based on the SDK

The Builder takes the core features of the SDK, and makes them accessible to everyone. Use this first version to compose static scenes with the provided models. Future releases will support dynamic content, third-party assets, and NFT integration.

Follow our blog for the latest updates from the engineers behind the Builder.

The Judges

  • Joshua To

    Joshua is the Director of Design at Google's Daydream and VR/AR platforms. He's also a founder at @soupcares @WellDone @Hattery.

  • James H. Dargie

    James is an art and creative director with a passion for films and video games. You’ll find his creative influence behind titles like Call of Duty, The Matrix, and Metroid Prime. We’re beyond excited to collaborate with James on the Creator Contest.

  • Will Wang

    Will is an art designer and creative director of Imperial Throne with over 10 years of expertise in 2D and 3D art for PC and mobile games. He was the art director at UBISOFT’s production of The Might & Magic series.

  • Peter Pan

    Peter is the Art Director at EasyCheers. Peter specialized in 3D design and used to work at Tencents as Team Lead of 3D Art Team, and also Chief Designer and Art Manager at NetEase, 4399, and Kingsoft Xishanju.

  • Thor Alexander

    Thor is a creative and technical executive with over 20 years of hands on experience in online game and consumer internet production. He’s helped pioneer MMOs at Electronic Arts, social games at Zynga, and has recently joined Decentraland to help merge these genres with crypto and blockchain tech.

  • Martin Shibuya

    Martin (aka Shibu) is Decentraland’s Art Director. You’ll find his work featured everywhere in Decentraland, from our homepage and blog, to the public plazas of Genesis City. Shibu led the design of the Builder’s provided assets and models - the very content you’ll be using to build your scenes.

  • Fabian Orrego

    Fabian is an artist and engineer specializing in low-poly 3D art for video games. In addition to designing some of the coolest characters, creatures, and environments we’ve seen, Fabian shares his knowledge through tutorials and articles on his website.

More info

When does the contest start?

The competition will begin on March 18th, in conjunction with the release of Decentraland’s Builder! You’ll have two weeks to submit your scenes. The winners will be announced one week after the end of the contest.

What can I win?

Every participants with at least one submitted scene that passes the initial quality screening will be rewarded with 100 MANA, even if he or she isn’t selected as one of the finalists.

The judges will hand-pick a total of 50 scenes to be featured in Decentraland. Of these 50 scenes, 5 finalists will be awarded with LAND parcels situated in premium locations along with a share of the winnings:

First Place: 200000 MANA
Second Place: 150000 MANA
Third Place: 100000 MANA
Fourth Place: 50000 MANA
Fifth Place: 25000 MANA

The remaining 45 creators will receive LAND and 7500 MANA each!

How do I participate?

It’s easy to participate. Just sign up with your email address, and when the the competition kicks off you’ll have two weeks to build and submit your scenes!

The contest will use our new Builder, a simple yet flexible interface allowing you to design and assemble static environments, making it easy for everyone to contribute to Decentraland’s scenery.

Stay tuned for some helpful tutorials and examples to get you started.